Overview Edit

Modding Stellaris requires knowledge of various effects, triggers, scopes and modifiers. Having to memorize these can be quite difficult. This wiki is here to serve as a reference point for those who need to use such things.

Effects Edit

Effects are used in functions such as Events, where the modder wants to cause something to occur ingame.

Triggers Edit

Triggers are used to check before executing blocks of effects. These are commonly used in Events, as well as many of the files found in the common folder.

Scopes Edit

Scopes are what both triggers and effects are contained in. Imagine a country. When an effect would affect a country, we say that effect is fired on the country scope. Understanding the importance of scopes is key to understanding how to use effects and triggers.

Modifiers Edit

Modifiers are variables that control parts of Stellaris' gameplay. These are created internally, and as such you cannot create your own modifier. Modifiers are placed within files such as 00_static_modifiers.txt where they are then referred by effects such as add_modifier, which is used to apply modifiers to scopes.

Localisation<hero description="This wiki contains reference material for modding the game Stellaris." imagename="" cropposition=""></hero> Edit

Although localisation is fairly straight forward, there are various syntaxical nuances that are important to know of.

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